Lucy Katz

Mrs Lucy Katz


Term of office : 4 Years from 29/06/2016 

Standards and Leadership Committee

I joined the Governing Board of the Bicester Learning Academy in July 2016.

I’m the full-time mother of 2 now-enormous children of 14 and 17.  They’ve both been lucky to go to really outstanding Primary and Secondary Schools, and they’ve benefited enormously from this.  Our family’s experience convinced me that getting a really good education, at really good quality schools can make an important difference to all children.

If children can be launched into being happy, confident, self-reliant learners, who enjoy learning for their own sake, you’ll give them the best possible start in life.  Poor experiences at school can put children off learning completely, and they’re at risk of never reaching their potential.

So that’s what I’m trying to do as a member of the Governing Body:  trying to support Glory Farm and the Cooper School in being the kind of schools where all children are encouraged to discover and develop their true talents (whatever they are.)

My career before becoming a full-time Mum was as an International Marketing Director working for the world’s leading business-information provider.  I managed offices across Europe, Africa and North America, analysing the processes staff were adopting, advising them on new ideas and skills, and ensuring the adoption of best practice via training and follow-up.  It was, accidentally, remarkably good training for School Governance. 

I also spent a year as a Teaching Assistant in a Year 3 class.  This was the hardest job I ever did, and gave me an enormous respect for teachers and TAs – until you’ve tried doing the job, you’ve no idea how challenging it is.

I’m very much looking forward to working with the Management Team at Bicester Learning Academy – helping to make sure your children benefit from the launchpad into adult life that their education should provide.